Alert – Manchester Day of Action for Palestinian Prisoners 15/04/17

Louis Brehony facebook event – Solidarity protest for Palestine

Call to release all political prisoners in Israeli jails, picket will target shops and banks – taking place in Piccadilly Gardens 12:00 – 15:00hrs 15th April 2017

GMP will be monitoring the event providing passing attention.

Welfare Concern

Greater Manchester Police have requested all businesses to be alert for a female presenting a card for payment in the name of T BANDA

Has recently stayed at a City Centre Hotel and has since left the room and left behind a substantial amount of high value clothing / goods.

Please ensure POS are advised and contact Pc Jo Shaw 07584 224981


Vigilance required

A member business recieved a small batch of counterfeit £20 notes. The three notes all had the same serial number. GC3009722.

All businesses are advised to be vigilant and ensure all relevant checks are carried out.

Report all incidents via or telephone 0161 838 327, for out of office hours leave a voicemail with your name, contact details and a brief account of the information.


High profile football fixture; Manchester United -v-St Etienne.

The above fixture will take place on 16/02/2017. It is anticipated that fans will be present in the City Centre prior to the fixture.

A comprehensive Police operation is planned aiming to keep disruption to a minimum.

Please refer to the attached letter from Greater Manchester Police outlining the objectives for the day in question.

Cloned cards

Please be aware of the use of cloned Credit Cards (both conventional and pre paid).

The offenders will be updated in due course.

BCU advice; Double check all transactions where a “swipe” as opposed to chip and pin is requested. Many overseas cards do not yet have chip and pin but you are perfectly entitled to conduct the usual security checks.

Reminder – February Intelligence Briefings

City Centre – Wednesday 8th February 10am – Debenhams 3rd floor training room

Fort Retail park – Wednesday 8th February 13.30pm – Centre Management Suite

Arndale Tenants Briefing – Thursday 9th February 11am – Arndale Management Suite

*City Centre Briefing* has a special guest speaker Denise Withey

We are pleased to welcome Denise who will provide an insight into the Immigration, Compliance & Enforcement Team – Greater Manchester and how we will work in partnership.

The information provided at this meeting will be cascaded to the Fort & Tenants briefings.

Austerity measures protest

On 04/02/17 organised by the Community Action Network. Event described as a fight back against gentrification and austerity and support for homeless people, taking place 14:00 – 00:00hrs. The exact location yet TBC but specified as 10 mins outside the City Centre,

Proposed protest in response to President Trumps policies.

On 04/02/2017 a protest in St Peter’s Square is scheduled for 14:00 – 17:00hrs re. President Trump’s Muslim ban. The protest organised by ‘Stand up to Racism Manchester’ as at 31/01/2017, 851 state they will attend with 2,800 showing an interest.

Better quality counterfeit £20 notes

These notes were discovered in a non member business within the Arndale Centre. they were discovered the day after being accepted whilst “cashing up”.

Please note that the UV features on this note showed up under UV light.

Please capture any serial numbers and report any such siezures to this office on or contact this office on 0161 838 3266.

iTunes Voucher Scam

GMP have made us aware of this scam whereby offenders are purporting to be from HMRC. The following are 2 examples of this in action;

Between 3rd-18th January 2017, a79 yr old victim in Bolton received a phone call from someone saying they are from the Inland Revenue and there is an outstanding tax debt to be settled. Scammer says it is easier to do this by purchasing iTunes vouchers and has persuaded victim on multiple occasions to go and buy these. These were brought at Currys in Bolton until a security guard reported a concern for welfare/suspicious circumstances.

On 13th January , a 71 yr old victim in Manchester received a phone call from someone saying they are from the Tax Office, claiming there is an unpaid tax bill and an outstanding warrant out for their arrest. The victim is told to buy £500 in iTunes vouchers from Asda, then on subsequent days, similar amounts from Currys.

The scammer rings victim back to take the voucher codes.

It has been profiled previously on Action Fraud:

This is blatantly targetting elderly vulnerable persons. Please view the attached link from action fraud and report any such incidents ASAP>